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Marysia Paruzel

February 4 - 21, 2022



This is the first solo exhibition of Marysia Paruzel in the United States. Born in Warszawa, Poland and studied at Städelschule Frankfurt, based in Brooklyn, NY. They use the word incubator, meaning intensive care unit, to describe their practice. Taking a space of an affirmative prayer. Spiritual approach hand in hand with self-critical theory. Bewitching a spell by its repetition. Showing is a means of presenting the limitations of language. They are interested in art, because showing is not part of silence, but it is not  saying either part and part of what cannot be said can be shown. Self-critical by means wherein personal is political. Wilheim Reich exercises practice in abstract paintings on images of female cyclists by which they try to exercise gender perception. Sculptures that try to make a crib for their motherhood and their mother’s motherhood.A gardener that has been annihilated by a flower that they fed.
Chastity in capitalism.

Mental disorders.



13th floor

fly trapped on plane

trying to evacuate

The smell of Noah’s Arc

Remind me tomorrow forever

As walking corridors with no windows, knife in your hand, during black out,

And having to hold it straight like candle on birthday cake

Finding place for a body

teach you 

BIG nurse

BIG nurse

Predicting oneself in to existence



Don’t mylk


Inside out

Slices of reality


a drive towards rethinking being together beyond the dominant cultural configuration in principle of self critical ethics.

A bird flying away from the heat of portable gas heater



Opening box

o honest


Every tear is feeding a soil

fear eats soul

The cat smells like a car left in sun

In mystery men men that has has talent to disappear but only when people don’t look at him

Drug dealers are exterminators

Unlike football or rugby, tennis is based on relative countdown. The length of a match depends on the ability of the players, to create the time that they need to win.

They passed me a cigarette with dry lip skin stuck to a filter, so fresh but it looked like a fossil

trap for ghost without shells

Girl waiting for a train

slowing down doesn't mean stopping

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